The abioSCOPE®

The first nanofluidic based immunoassay platform

Demonstrating Industry excellence with point of care rapid asthma & allergy diagnosis

Asthma & allergies
The problem

Current allergy testing systems do not allow professionals to have immediate and quantitative results at the point of care.

Patients have to wait a very long time to obtain laboratory quantitative results, while they must provide larger blood samples for testing. Alternatively, there is a range of rapid testing options, but they don’t offer test customization options and they only present qualitative results that are often not accurate.

30% of people suffer from respiratory allergies
1 out of 5 people are afflicted by allergic Asthma
Allergies are a major cause of chronic illness
Asthma is under-diagnosed and under-treated
Allergies decline people’s quality of life
Allergies can be triggered at any age
Asthma & allergies
Our solution

The abioSCOPE® is set to revolutionize allergy testing by addressing the current diagnostic obstacles and restrictions.

Our solution provides a complete, customizable and fully reliable IgE allergy diagnosis. With the abioSCOPE®, the interval between screening process and obtaining results is drastically reduced from many days or weeks to less than one hour, directly at your most trusted healthcare professional.

The features
Reliable and quantitative allergy diagnostic
With only one drop of whole blood
First results delivered in 5 minutes
Fully customizable test menu
Some of our key allergens
Total IgE
Birch tree
Olive/Ash trees
Cat dander
Dog dander
House dust mites
Timothy grass

The abioSCOPE®

Allergy Diagnostic Platform